What Are Saddlebags, and How Can I Get Rid of Them?

Are you tired of your jeans fitting perfectly around your waist but feeling tight and constricting at the tops of your outer thighs — perhaps even to the point of uncomfortable chafing? Being saddled with the fat deposits known as saddlebags, despite your efforts to stay trim, can affect your self-esteem.

The Achieve Body Sculpting team masterfully uses CoolSculpting® technology to address — and eliminate — saddlebags. Many satisfied patients in the greater Phoenix area can attest to CoolScultping’s success in ridding them of these confidence-shriveling nuisances.

Why do I have saddlebags?

So named because of the vessels strapped on each side of a horse to transport supplies, you already know that saddlebags can cramp your style by creating a silhouette that’s anything but smooth when you’re wearing dresses, pants, bathing suits — you name it. 

Women who’ve successfully lost weight or are naturally small-framed can still be plagued by saddlebags. They’re just a more stubborn type of fat deposit that some people’s bodies hold onto, no matter what.

What’s the best treatment available for saddlebags?

Historically, patients underwent invasive surgery, such as liposuction, for removing saddlebag fat deposits. This type of surgery can come with pain and discomfort, complications, and considerable downtime.

The new preferred method of eliminating these cosmetic eyesores is CoolSculpting. It’s a far better alternative if you’re looking for safe and successful treatment for saddlebags with no incisions and virtually no downtime. 

The key to CoolSculpting’s success is a complex term, but the results are simple and positive: cryolipolysis. It’s a process that obliterates fat cells by freezing them to death. And unlike zombies, once they’re dead, they’re not coming back.

How does CoolSculpting get rid of saddlebags?

You can expect a streamlined, efficient CoolSculpting procedure, especially when performed by our Achieve Body Sculpting team members, who have extensive experience with this technology.

Because CoolSculpting technology and your body work together to eliminate the fat cells, it’s a process that requires time in order to see successful results. Typically, results appear anywhere from 2-6 months post-treatment. 

If you’ve finally had it with wearing sarongs at the pool and billowy skirts to hide your stubborn saddlebag fat, now’s the time to do something about it. Up your confidence and your look at the same time with CoolSculpting. 

Get your questions answered and explore our flexible financing options by booking a consultation with Achieve Body Sculpting. Give us a call, or use our convenient online booking tool, right here.

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