CoolSculpting® Can Give You The Body You've Always Dreamed About

Congratulations on making your ideal body weight! Whether you lost weight or kept the pounds off, it’s a satisfying personal victory and you should be proud. Shedding pounds or keeping them off is hard to do, particularly as you get older and your body changes in so many ways.

For both women and men, naturally occurring changes in hormone levels affect, among other things, the way your body stores extra calories in the form of fat, and it can be drastically different than it used to be.

There are typical places that fat tends to accumulate as you get older, classic spots that many associate with “middle age.” These rolls and bulges aren’t due to carrying extra weight necessarily. They’re simply places that fat is saved, but not readily used by your body when you’re in calorie deficit. When it’s time to reshape these stubborn spots, it’s time for CoolSculpting®.

CoolSculpting® and subdermal fat

The idea that you could freeze away fat without surgery might sound like a dream. Yet fat cells are sensitive to temperature variance, far more than your skin is. Lowering the temperature of fat bulges crystallizes some of the cells, triggering a natural response from your body that eliminates those cells naturally.

As long as you have your caloric load already under control by what you eat and by keeping active, there’s no need for your body to replace these cells. The net result is that your subdermal fat bulges get smaller.

CoolSculpting® treatment areas

Over 5,000 patients have taken CoolSculpting® through clinical trials, and the Food and Drug Administration has cleared CoolSculpting® for treatment of the most common areas where your body tends to store long-term fat deposits that resist spot reduction. These treatment areas include:

What to expect during a CoolSculpting® procedure

As your treatment begins, you’ll feel a few moments of intense cold, but it passes quickly, and you’ll start to feel numbness. Patients generally tolerate these sensations well, reading or even napping during treatment.

Most CoolSculpting® applicators use suction to draw tissue in the treatment area into the cooling field. You may feel tugging or minor pinching while suction is active.

After treatment, you might feel tingling as surrounding tissue warms. The treatment area may be red or swollen. Minor bruising is common, and your skin might be sensitive or itchy.

These effects are typically short-lived and not distracting. You can return to your regular daily activities immediately after your treatment if you wish.

CoolSculpting® results

Since CoolSculpting® triggers a natural body process, your progress depends on how fast your body removes the treated cells. You may notice changes as early as three weeks after treatment, but the most dramatic changes usually take two months. Further changes can happen up to six months after initial treatment.

Like many treatments, your results depend on you, your needs and body sculpting goals. The specialists at Achieve Body Sculpting are your ideal partners. Experts with the CoolSculpting® system, they can advise and recommend a treatment plan that’s suited for you. Call or click today to arrange your personal consultation.

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